Our Mama clothing style evolves with our babies’ capabilities.

Being a Mama is full of precious, unique moments for every individual pregnancy, birth and for each new person welcomed into this world. It is a chance for us all to grow into our new roles as parents- evolving our own self identities.

The Shine Bright Mama Shop began with the Blog of a happy Mama who wanted to share a bright state of mind for all other parents. Those who are newly pregnant, those ready to birth, those who’ve already lived their birth stories and those finally pregnant after unimaginable TTC journeys.

The blog grew into a Shop to bring clothing, accessories and gifts that celebrate every kind of Mamahood story.

Our products are created to express our belief that mindset makes a difference to overcoming challenges through changing our perceptions, changing our language and allowing us to shine bright everyday.



The Shine Bright Mama

Our body changes as our mind adapts to a new reality and our social circle is changed forever in many ways.

This brings possibilities and opportunities that you may have never known existed for you.

Many Mamas grieve these changes as a loss, but with a mindset shift, these changes can be seen as growth and moments of strength to use as stepping stones to your full potential.

 Our Mama identity, our Mama style is fluid and constantly responding to the needs of our families and it can be a challenge to hold onto our sense of self.

 This is the passion behind The Shine Bright Mama Shop. A way of finding our voice of self-expression at a time when our lives are centred around others. Finding the words to shout about our beliefs through clothing that is still functional for new-born Mamas, toddler Mamas and every stage of life afterwards.

 The Shine Bright Mama clothing range is simple, comfortable and adaptable. It expresses your new and continually evolving identity as a Mama and allows you to find self-expression through simplicity.

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Mama Style

Breastfeeding or pumping Mamas need ‘easy access’ for feeds or pumps. You need a top that allows you to feed while keeping the right amount of modesty that allows you to feel comfortable feeding in any environment.

 Toddler Mamas need clothes to allow them to feel ‘themselves’ while being practical enough to run around after a toddler tornado!

 The Shine Bright Mama Shop brings you a clothing range that is simple self-expression through practical clothing.

 Simple designs with an aspiration for a better world, opening up conversations and evolving your own world for your baby to grow into and expand beyond.

A simple start with endless possibilities to open minds and allow our hearts to grow together.

Baby clothing

The importance of self-expression begins from the moment our children are born.

As parents, it is our responsibility to challenge the stereotypes and injustices we have experienced in our own lives. We ARE the opportunity for change we wish to see in the world and we can provide a better environment for our children to grow through education and self-expression.

One way of making a statement on your parenting values is through those very first baby clothes. Choosing baby clothes that clearly state your style of parenting and show the people in your baby’s world the way you wish to parent.

Talking as parenting teams demonstrates our own prejudices and allows ourselves to reflect and grow. Your baby’s clothes can help you make a stand and show what you believe in and start a conversation with your relatives which changes minds and allows growth as a family.

These journeys are for every parenting team to make and share through the style choices we make as we bring our little ones into the world.



The Shine Bright Mama Shop Accessories have been designed with everyday parenting in mind.

 We have chosen products that are useful (you can never have enough tote bags, right?!) and continued our passion for using our clothing to share our identity- straight onto our accessories!

 Whether you’re planning a family beach day or a picnic at the park, you will find our Mama accessories range will help you whatever your day has in store!


Presents for new Mamas, the inspiration for Mother’s day gifts or presents for the little members of the family, The Shine Bright Mama Shop gives you a range of accessories and clothing for Mamas and children of all ages.

 Using our love of words to express our identity, you will find gifts for a friend or relative that perfectly capture their uniqueness and celebrate their individuality.

 The Shine Bright Mama Shop gift range extends into Mugs and jewellery that are perfect for showing your loved ones that you know them deeply, understand them completely and value their point of view through helping them share their truth through the gift you have carefully selected especially for them.

The Shine Bright Mama Blog

The roots of The Shine Bright Mama Shop are embedded in our online blog.

 Launched in 2018 after the birth of a new Mama and daughter, the blog shared the incredible highs and ideas for maintaining a positive mindset towards every aspect of parenting.

The Shine Bright Mama Blog

Using a previous career of 20 years in Primary Education, The Shine Bright Mama Blog was there to share experience, ideas and wanted to grow as the life journey of a Mama continued.

The Shine Bright Mama Blog

The Blog has evolved beyond modest beginnings of a few pictures here and there, to a passion and a mission to enable Mamas to see their journey into motherhood as an evolution.

To see the, often grumbled about, changes as elevations into our awakened selves. To see ourselves as powerful, to build each other up as we create a digital village to gather strength and grow from within.

The Shine Bright Mama Blog

This is The Shine Bright Mama way; to search for the silver lining and embrace the change of life as inevitable, exciting and use this mindset to launch ourselves beyond our own expectations.

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