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Being a Mama is full of precious, unique moments for every individual pregnancy, birth and for each new person welcomed into this world. It is a chance for us all to grow into our new roles as parents- evolving our own self identities.

The Shine Bright Mama began the blog of a happy Mama who wanted to share a bright state of mind for all other parents. Those who are newly pregnant, those ready to birth, those who’ve already lived their birth stories and those finally pregnant after unimaginable TTC journeys.

The blog grew into a service for Mama lead businesses, finding a way to support other mothers through their journey to evolve a life that allowed them to thrive for themselves and their family.

Our services were created to express our belief that mindset makes a difference to overcoming challenges through changing our perceptions, changing our language and allowing us to shine bright everyday.

Welcome to The Shine Bright Mama Blog and Freelance Writing Services.


The Shine Bright Mama

Our body changes as our mind adapts to a new reality and our social circle is changed forever in many ways.

This brings possibilities and opportunities that you may have never known existed for you to grow within your own business.

Many Mamas grieve these changes as a loss, but with a mindset shift, these changes can be seen as growth and moments of strength to use as stepping stones to your full potential.

 Our Mama identity, our Mama style is fluid and constantly responding to the needs of our families and it can be a challenge to hold onto our sense of self.

 This is the passion behind The Shine Bright Mama freelance writing services. A way of finding our voice of self-expression in our professional world at a time when our lives may feel centred around others.

Blogs and Articles

Writing blogs and articles for other people is extremely satisfying work.

It begins with the initial conversation; the purpose, the place of publication; the ‘science’ bit. Then, the research begins.

Learning about new companies, new industries, new topics is a learning experience that I treasure. Coming to understand a new point of view, educating on a new topic or sharing stories and experiences.

Whether it is a personal blog or an academic blog, creating texts that are mainly reading for pleasure or information is a wonderful experience.

Communicating complex ideas through small amounts of text can be a powerful way to inform a large group of people and the immediacy of a blog or article makes for a highly influential piece of writing for you or your company.


As a teacher, my proofreading skills are well developed, accurate and fast. I always read with two minds. As a teacher and as your reader.

As a teacher, I am quick to identify grammar, punctuation or spelling errors or typos, using my in depth subject knowledge to guide the writer with suggestions for changes.

As your reader, I listen to your words, to your story; no matter the purpose of the content. Humans are natural story tellers and it is this narrative in any type of text that I am looking for to support with guidance to develop what is often written from the heart. I respect anyone’s written work with this in mind, giving feedback with a positive and constructive approach to ensure no writer feels their work is ‘wrong’.

Writing is hard and I feel that anyone who puts themselves out there in written form should be supported with kindness and appreciation; to be valued and guided. This is the way I work with the children whose writing I have the privilege to mark and the philosophy I approach my freelance proofreading with also.

Web content, design and build

In a digital age, you need your company to have a professional online presence.

Your website needs well researched content with the most relevant key word strategy to getting your company found by search engines. Creating sentences with the right wording to hit your key words is a skill in itself but it is a vital element of your site as you need to be found in order to share your product or business.

Good web content engages, informs and connects with potential clients. Your website should be a window into your world, enabling visitors to see your company’s mission, goals, vision and philosophy. The words you chose to tell your narrative to the world are important in introducing the branding, the identity of the company and the products your website will be promoting.

The process begins with listening. A lot of listening.

Your writer needs to understand you, your brand, your company. Where did it all start? Where do you want it all to go? This will all flow into your company tone of voice, a statement of who you are as a company and a connection to the people who need your product or services.

Social Media

The immediacy of Social Media writing is exciting!

Using a professional freelance writer to generate your Social Media content can really support you in many ways.

Writing Social Media content is time consuming and can become a chore when you are running a company. Working with a freelance writer will mean that they take the pressure off you to maintain a professional presence across a range of platforms.

Understanding how to apply key words from Web content and selecting the most useful hashtags to bring followers and increase your reach means that the pressure is take away from you as a business owner.

Having the content written from a person outside of the company staff team can bring benefits in terms of communicating what you do. This is especially useful if your company provides highly technical services as a good writer will communicate the terminology to future customers without alienating or patronising your new clients.

The fast-paced nature of Social Media means that having a professional writer can generate content quickly; responding to new trends, developments in the news and giving you more words in less time means this is an efficient use of your company’s marketing budget.

What is a freelance writer?

Generating any content for business purposes can be a time-consuming process, especially if writing is not your forte.

What is a freelance writer?

Quality freelance writing will take this pressure away, managing your words for you. Using an expert in spelling, punctuation and grammar releases your time to do what you do best within your company.

What is a freelance writer?

With years of experience in writing, I am fast and accurate, working to tight deadlines to provide copy that is unique to your business needs. With a natural flare for clear communication and narrative, my content will deliver your brand’s written identity with clarity and appropriate tone.

What is a freelance writer?

Listening to your objectives enables me to understand your purpose and my varied freelance experience has resulted in being a versatile and adaptable writer who can create your content quickly under pressure.

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