Website Content

The Brief

To write the content for a new and exciting organisation’s website.

Black Pear Symphonic Winds are a group of talented musicians bringing contemporary Woodwind music to Worcestershire, UK.

The organisation needed their website to drive traffic and build awareness of a different style of music with information and images.

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How The Shine Bright Mama helped

The project began with research into the background of the organisation and the key founding members. This provided the tone and information for the whole project, as well as the content for the biography page. 

Using BPSW’s imagery and video footage, the content for the remaining pages flowed through the visual evidence and allowed the writing to express the identity of the organisation. 

This was followed by presenting up to date information on the up coming concerts, and providing a platform for the audience to purchase online tickets.  

Kate took on the task of writing the content for BPSW’s website. We couldn’t be happier with the outcome; great structure, improved clarity and a lift in style and professional image. With her writing, the impact of the website was enhanced immeasurably.

Colin Farlow

Musical Director, Black Pear Symphonic Winds

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