Proof reading

The Brief

To read the copy for spelling, punctuation and grammar. As part of the proofing, the author also received comments as a reader including positive responses and possible suggestions for clarity.

Proofreading can be difficult feedback to receive as most writing, especially from this particular author, comes from the heart.

Therefore, in order to respect the personal nature of the book’s content and the passion which has driven the writing, my proofreading always aims to be supportive while maintaining an honest approach to feedback.

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How The Shine Bright Mama helped

 The proof reading of this book began with an initial read through and clear brief for feedback requested by the Author. I then read the book in two mind sets- the mark of a teacher! I read as a reader and I read as a teacher. 

Reading as a teacher resulted in feedback on spelling, punctuation and grammar, along with suggestions for clarity in sentence or paragraph structure. 

As a reader, I provided comments about how the book made me feel as I wrote it, giving direct feedback to the author on the person experiences they had written about. 

All comments were given as suggestions in order to show respect for the writing expertise of the author.


An excellent service that I highly recommend to anyone seeking proof reading, editing, writing or anything to do with written content.

I was blown away by the speed at which the proof read was completed – an entire book within just a few days, Wow!

The notes were not only grammatical and structural in nature, they were practical and relevant to the style and theme of the book – extremely useful and also uplifting for me.

She has a very complete knowledge of a variety of topics and a flair for words – she always considers the comfort and enjoyment of the reader as well as the author’s message.

Kate is a joy to work with – honest yet encouraging at the same time, and shows great attention and dedication. She cares, a lot, and her priority is that you publish good solid work; she will not just tell you it’s ‘good’ for the sake of speed and an easy life.

Maria Karpasitis

Author of I Am Upgrading

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