Website Content rewrite

The Brief

Melody Mums is a relaxed choir for people taking care of children where parents can enjoy singing while the little ones can play. The website content needed to be relaxed and friendly to welcome new parents into a new social group. The content needed to be informative without being formal, encouraging new members through a friendly and inviting website.

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How The Shine Bright Mama helped

After speaking with the choir leader to get a feel for the drive and ambition behind this very special singing group, the website needed to be restructured for easy navigation and condensing the information into an easy to access structure. 

Writing about the benefits that singing groups bring to new parents is a passion of my own, so it was easy to create content for a group which brings immense benefits to every single member.

Kate has been superb in whipping my brand into shape through copy writing and organising my website content.

Passionate about my business, I always struggled with trying to tell my clients everything all at once. My website was confused, busy and unclear to those who visited it.

Kate created calm clarity through finding just the right words I was looking for to engage my ideal clients.

Through reviewing my website copy and altering layout, she’s transformed my business. Her well articulated copy has helped my clients understand:
– What I do
– Who I am
– What’s important to my business

Most importantly, Kate understood the personality of my company and through stripping back the excess, has brought forward the good stuff.

An excellent investment in my opinion. Thank you Kate!

Carrie Garrett

Director, Melody Mums

Social  Media