So…what do you wear for breastfeeding?


To be honest, I had never really thought about this before our girl arrived in the world.

I knew how tough breastfeeding could be and how many Mamas try and have to feed in a different way so I didn’t get so far as to thinking about the practicalities of nursing ‘out and about’.

However, I am so grateful to have had an easy ride. Sore, yes very sore, for a few days and I had my fair share of Mastitis through our two-year breastfeeding journey, but I loved it and I know how lucky I am to have had a breastfeeding plan that unfolded just as I wanted it to.

The first feed in public.

This is such a milestone for so many women.

I remember that I had decided to wear a nursing bra, loose vest top and take a muslin cloth for coverage.

I knew I was to be in the city where lots of my ex-pupils were likely to be around and I didn’t feel comfortable with full exposure.

However, I only took a couple of muslin cloths with me and ended up breastfeeding under a beautifully bright and attention seeking orange muslin cloth. I had my husband on one side and my Dad on the other, helping me to navigate under the vibrant covering and sat in complete success, if feeling a little noticeable!

I continued with a muslin cloth for a few weeks but I wanted to be able to sit and feed completely subtly and play my part in normalising breastfeeding.

The art of subtly

I brought a couple of ‘breastfeeding’ tops but soon after my daughter was born we found ourselves in a heatwave and the material I’d chosen was far too hot and sticky.

Brought tops can be amazing, but if you’re on a budget then there are plenty of other options.

Of course, many women continue with coverings but, for those of you who wish not to cover your baby (especially those heatwave born babies!) here are a few tips to help.


Two Top Tip

I found that my most comfortable, even if hot weather, was a duo combination.

A nursing bra, slightly fitted vest or tank top with a light and flowing top worked brilliantly. It meant that I had enough material to cover my baby and myself as I arranged ourselves, but could life back out of the way so I could see her, keep our eye contact and neither of us would get too hot.

This was also ok while I wasn’t feeding and meant the I could always take off the top layer and keep it in my bag for feeds if I wanted too.

Button-ups or Wraps

Depending on how much you feel comfortable showing, unbuttoning or unwrapping is also an easy access option that means you can quickly get baby latched on and feeding.

This may increase the chances of a ‘sharing yourself’ but you will soon find out how comfortable you are and may even surprise yourself with how normal it feels to do a quick flash in a café!

If you want some coverage while latching on, a scarf can always be helpful!

Wear it backwards!

Racers backs are brilliant! Simply wear them the wrong way around and you have tummy coverage and easy access- you will need another top on top though!

I wish I’d have known about backwards racer tops before I had brought my breastfeeding tops as this would have saved me money!

Skin to Skin

Just remember the key bonding features involved in breastfeeding and make sure that even if you are a Mama who likes to be out and about, give yourself time to rest at home. Feed freely with plenty of skin to skin contact and take the time to hold your baby’s eye contact and just breathe.

Feeding at home gives you the time to stop and have a moment with just the two of you, no matter what may be going on around you.

For those pumping or formula feeding Mamas- this goes for you too! Give yourselves those moments of calm to process and capture all that you are learning as you get to know yourself as a Mama. Even if this is number 3 or more- each baby is new, and you are a different Mama to each little person we are lucky to welcome into our lives.

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