Enlightened parenting in 2020


Words matter to us all.

 As parents, they (perhaps) should matter even more.

As we are creating the bank of vocabulary in our children, we will notice our own verbal mannerisms- phrases we use that may have implications we are unaware of until we hear our children speak them.

We have to hold ourselves to a higher standard, we have to be better and we have to give our children a platform and a role model to show them the way.

After a year of change, we should be well used to adapting and we have all got the tools within us to make it happen.


Do the Work

There are social media accounts you can follow that will fill your newsfeed with information and experiences of social injustices.

I follow some so you can start there, but I think it is important you do this exploration yourself.

There are free online courses that you can find to take you through steps to explore your own perception of these issues and look at the world from other people’s shoes.


Take Action

Speak to your families and discuss what you have discovered.

Speak with your parenting partners, including childcare providers whether they are family or a private nursery.

Speak up, share and find your own voice. Use what you have learned.



Parenting is a lifelong journey of evolution and reflection. Allow yourself to grow and allow yourself to make mistakes, modelling how to solve the problems you are sure to create along the way.

Be open to change and give yourself the chance to stop and look back at how you are changing as a parent.

Constantly check the language you use for stereotypical or even offensive word. Ask yourself why you have used these words and challenge yourself on the reasons you give.

You are the biggest hope for your child’s future. You are able to allow them to step into the world with openness, empathy, love and understanding.

You are their first dictionary.

You are their first search engine.

You are the adverts they see, the information they gather and the opinions they form.

Challenge yourself to be better.

I promise you, you will never look back.

As parents, it is our responsibility to challenge the stereotypes and injustices we have experienced in our own lives.

We ARE the opportunity for change we wish to see in the world and we can provide a better environment for our children to grow through education and self-expression.

One way of making a statement on your parenting values is through those very first baby clothes. Choosing baby clothes that clearly state your style of parenting and show the people in your baby’s world the way you wish to parent.

Talking as parenting teams demonstrates our own prejudices and allows ourselves to reflect and grow.

Your baby’s clothes can help you make a stand and show what you believe in and start a conversation with your relatives which changes minds and allows growth as a family. 

These journeys are for every parenting team to make and share through the style choices we make as we bring our little ones into the world.